A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery & Community Education

A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery & Community Education

Our Mission
A Sacred Passing's mission is to guide and assist people towards a more conscious dying experience, while 
honoring individual autonomy. A Sacred Passing offers death and dying education to individuals, community associations, and medical organizations. Our organization educates, collaborates, and shares ways to be supportive educational companions.

Core Values
The Crew within A Sacred Passing is made up of volunteers who work in the community to create and sustain inclusivity in our classrooms and our resources. This includes building access-focused, anti-racist, and gender-inclusive environments, educational materials, and community partnerships. While building an educational and caring community, A Sacred Passing is working to actively identify and dismantle systems of oppression as they present in end-of-life and death through doula care, education, and advocacy.

Note about Donation
We invite you to donate to the programs that speak to your interests, and if you'd like to, join us in the community to shape these programs as well. As a nonprofit, we know that our ability to do radical change is limited by our 501(c)3 status. AND, we also know that the labyrinth of navigating access to grants and funding for grassroots organizations is full of gates and gatekeepers. We acknowledge the contradiction, listen to critiques, and make toward community-informed actions.

We invite our donors to attend our events and listen to the voices of local artists, organizers, and educators. Give directly to people in need of death care support. Help us to continue to dive deeper into conversations about the root causes of wealth inequity and injustice in death care by not just donating, but also by sharing education and diving into advocacy in death care.

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