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Support Madi's House

Support Madi's House

Madi’s House offers support and activities for young adults battling addiction and mental health issues. This free community center is the next step after rehab. Madi’s House continues a healthy path providing music, games, art classes, wellness programs, and special events.

For nearly a half million Cincinnatians struggling with addiction and mental illness, the current system is broken. Money is spent on recovery but very little is spent to prevent relapse.  The afflicted young person is caught in a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. Madi’s House will help break that cycle!

Madi’s House fills an unmet need by providing a welcoming, non-judgmental, upbeat, and enjoyable place where those battling addiction and mental illness can find support and a true sense of belonging and community.  These components build self-worth and are essential for the struggling individual to begin to heal and build the “Bridge to Healthy.”

With the levels of substance abuse, suicide and untreated mental illness in Cincinnati growing at epidemic rates, the need for a place like Madi’s House is NOW.

There is no other place like Madi’s House in Greater Cincinnati and few like it in the country. You can lead the way in our area and make Madi’s House a model for others in the battle against addiction and mental illness.

Madi’s House will be the first to establish a community center offering activities, meetings and events that offer an uplifting, supportive and welcoming place for those battling these deadly diseases.

While funding continues to build a larger Madi’s House, our Madi’s Annex is ready to go to provide services and help to those in need. Please help us to build this “Bridge To Healthy” for the Greater Cincinnati area by donating today.

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